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Una Historia ( By: Jane)

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Una Historia ( By: Jane)

Mensaje por Jane Vulturi el Lun Mayo 18, 2009 8:15 pm

This is just my story in my old school…
In my old school there is a girl name Cherryat but you can call her Cherry

Well Cherry is a normal girl like me but she can do anything in school like doing all Home works and be Popular well there other persons in her life here friends Kayla and Mitch there her friends there very especial for her they go any were to the Mall and the Movies they Know since they were in Kinder, But there were more friends she had more than 2 friends…

Bad Girls

This a story you mind asking: ¿There were bad girls? Well yes her name is Lily she is bad and when they say her name something goes wrong in a place, but Cherry can handle it she is popular and evrytime Lily do something bad Cherry goes where she is and she said :

“If you are not going to be kind I need you to leave” and just she said that she just clap and she was gone but she come back with other girls Mindy and Lola there were her friends But Lily treat them like if they were dogs…

The Hot Guy

But Cherry was in love with a Guy name Ben she love Ben because it was that he is a Perfect guy for her or not? She didn’t matter well the guy is so kind and hot for all of the girls in school also for Lily…

My Friend

She had her Best Friend name Mike he was very kind with her, Mike would do anything for Cherry, everybody know that Mike love Cherry but she didn’t know, she think there were just friends…

Chapter 1

My name is Cherryat call me Cherry, I have 12 years old, Well it was a perfect day for school a very boring day and grey, I dress up and put my Home Work in my backpack I get my backpack and went down stairs I didn’t talk all day on to I met Kayla and Mitch

“Hi Girls” y said when I walk to met them “Hi Cherry” Kayla said

“Hi” Mitch said “Well girls ¿how are you?” I ask to them when I was near them now then when I was there Mike was coming and he said “Hi Cherry” I made a sign with my hand of hello then Mitch said “I’m good ¿how about you guys?” I made a sign of Good and Kayla said “Good like all the time” she said then Mike said “I’m excellent today”.

The bell ring and we go to class Mike like all the time he sit on my side and the girls in other table the professor Barrie start with Math class I get out the book and start doing the lesson, like all the time y was the first one to finish…

The class finish and we go to the reading class were we were going to do a fair for the one who did the best book I dint had to do anything and I just did something about Whales and when All the classes finish I go to my Laptop and start doing my Journal my friends and I were going to do a Pajama party so when they come back to my room “Hey Cherry lets watch are TV program” Kayla said “Yeah” I said I get the control remote and change the chanel the program was going to start like I haven’t sent my report I confuse it with my journal the next day in school “Hey they all ready put the winners” Mitch said “¿And?” I said “¿What is the matter?” I ask “Hey Cherry” Mike call me with a News paper of the school in his hands “You win” he said me “¿What ?” I said with a expression of ¿how? “But how?” I ask then Kayla said “Oops” she said “I put the copy you send me” then y get the newspaper out of the hands of Mike and read all titles – That my Journal!!!!- y Think then y get in the status of shock then when we get to reading class “Cherryat that was great if you mind im gone to read it to the class” The Teacher said the start to narrate my journal then Lily said “That’s not even a little bet of good” and Mitch said “I think is good” “No Mitch lets listing to Lily” then the teacher repeat something about Ben, when Reading class finish, I go to lunch and sit to the side of Mike like all days, I finish eating and the classes finish then getting to home “Cherryat!” my mom scream from the kitchen “¿Yes?” I ask “My girl the library read your story they think is good idea to make a book” when she said “a book” I get in shock then said “Well, it’s a splendid idea” I lie

Will be continue!!
Jane Vulturi
> The Bad One

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